Puppy Scavenger Hunt



Giving your puppy the right socialisation to the world is an important part of their growth. Introducing them to different places, things, dogs and noises will make them confident with these things later in life.

Our puppy scavenger hunt helps you to train your dog to feel safe and happy around the world. We povide you with a booklet of things to introduce them to and the support in helping you train your puppy if they find anything a bit scary.

As you complete your booklet you gain points for each item you train, once you have collelcted so many points your puppy will received a certificate and rossette.

At A Glance
A booklet to help you socialise your puppy to the world.
Trainer available to contact if you require help with any training.
Point system to receive certificate and rossette on completion.
Helps your puppy become a confident happy adult dog

  Booking Details
£5 for the booklet and support via email or phone.
Booklet includes a list of places, things, and people.


Booking Eligibility
Bookings accepted for any age dog.